Wednesday, February 10, 2010


FACT: Phil Schneider (above) was strangeled to death (with a catheter) in his apartment on January 17th, 1996 - less than a year after the lecture he gave above....
*For another interesting story about undergound tunnels / bases and reptoids, check out this article from the Los Angeles Times back in 1934!


  1. i seen a military underground base in san fernando valley ca on a school trip in elementry. we were takin to a truck weight and it turned out to be an elevator. when we were underground they gave us a formal introduction (about how the military personal have to live there at long legths at a time so that have citys built so they can enjoy them selfs from time to time and take care of every day needs.also corprate names were mention like them having subway sandwichs and movie theaters.) and after that i cant remember what we did there.i found it odd as a kid we would go there for a trip.
    whats odder as an adult is i have no real memory of the whole trip. every day connetions are being made from the surface world to the underground bases im assuming

  2. ok this took way to much to post that also it mention its keeping track of my information for posting this through aol ??? man to much info is being collected about your every day person and not enough is being shared about your $75,000 hooker habbit polition

  3. I totally believe that there are bases unerground. And for those of you that don’t think that there is no such thing as aliens, you need to wake up. There have been reptilians living amongst us for thousands of years, and there’s countless evidence to prove it. This video does a pretty good job of giving you a rough idea of what the Draconians are and how long they’ve been here. Their disguises utilize technology that is much more advanced than the technology that is available to the general public (which is usually 50 to 100 years behind what the human elite organizations such as DARPA have), but it is still not infallible. There have been many instances caught on tape when the moving features of their face (mouth and eyes) have a slight lag time to recalibrate to the sudden change in movement. Hence the appearances of reptilian eyes or tongues for split seconds. One of my buddies who also (happens to be quite adept in regards to the reptilians and what they’re all about) was filming a city council meeting for ventura county when he caught something like this. He posted some of the pictures at his website (they’re at if you want to check them out) although the quality isn’t as good as the one shot by the news network.

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